Retargeting Using Notifications

As a marketing professional or a small business owner, most of the times the focus is on getting the first reaction from website visitors.


Importance of Retargeting

Retargeting is an effective method of influencing a second or third reaction for increased impact. It’s not something new, but it’s been around as a core-marketing function with the advancement of tracking technology.

This gives you chance to pull visitors back to your website, by presenting a tailored content to people who are already interested in what you have to offer.


And using iZooto’s in-depth segmentation you can retarget your subscriber by categorizing them on the basis of their activity, interests, and attributes.


Retargeting Abandoned Carts

Recovering abandoned carts is the most crucial form of retargeting for an e-commerce website. Since the buying intent of the users who abandon their carts is the highest, it is important to retarget them at the right time, with the right content and of course at the right interval.


Industry-Wise Retargeting

Use cases vary across segments, and marketers across verticals have a different set of challenges. Some of the most popular use cases revolve around retargeting and automation.

There are 3 types of segments that we deal with:

Retargeting Campaigns for e-commerce

Digital marketing teams of online retail business exhaustively use push notifications as a communication channel. One of their big focus remains retargeting users abandoning the cart. They also use sophisticated workflows to automate these notifications.

Here are some sample use cases for inspiration.

* # E-commerce Activation

Segment your dormant users and win them back with targeted offers.

* # Reminder for abandoning Shopping Cart
Segment your user, who have abandoned their shopping cart.
Here are some useful links for the e-commerce domain:
1. Push Notification Templates For Ecommerce That Trigger Emotions.
2. Marketing using web-push notifications[e-commerce]
3. Use cases for Online Retail Store.
Retargeting Campaigns for Services ( Software, Banking, Education )
These businesses focus on lead generation and lead nurturing over a period of time through multiple channels to drive sales. This includes B2B Businesses ( SaaS ), Banking and Financial service providers, Realty, Education. Profile of a typical user in these organizations varies from product managers to digital marketing managers.
Retargeting for Lead Generation
Once a user starts using your software, you need to give them reasons to revisit your website. For example, you could remind them that their trial is about to be over. Users often don't keep track and such a reminder increases the chances of bringing the ball to your court. A special offer can double the chances for users clicking on the pay button.
Here are some useful links for the lead generation domain:
1. Use cases for ed-tech industries.
2. Use cases for banking industries.
3. Use cases for SaaS businesses.
Retargeting for Travel and Hospitality industries
Businesses in the travel and tourism sector thrive on validating customer intent and basis the customer persona, further cross-sell them other products. For instance, users booking flight tickets could also get notified about the available hotels, eateries in that city. 
Below are a few more use cases:
* Price alerts
* Up-sell
For more industry-specific use cases, please have a look here.

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